Troccoli Al Tonno Fresco(新鲜意大利面食用新鲜的金枪鱼,西红柿和薄荷)

We are back home from our trip to the coast of Southern Italy, and I have compiled a list of over 40 dishes that we tried during our trip and that I would like to recreate at home. This first …继续阅读Troccoli Al Tonno Fresco(新鲜意大利面食用新鲜的金枪鱼,西红柿和薄荷)

Tuna Confit Sous-Vide

金枪鱼罐装便宜,但往往具有劣等。金枪鱼是干燥的,主要是盐。我从奥蒂斯品牌找到了优质的“有机”罐头金枪鱼,但这比生鱼片级新鲜金枪鱼更贵。因此,当我在71ºC/160ºF时阅读有关橄榄油的金枪鱼煮熟的Sous vide,罐装金枪鱼罐头的美味替代品,我的兴趣激起了,我决定试一试。由于金枪鱼将用这种烹饪时间和温度杀害,因此使用冷冻金枪鱼是非常好的,这比寿司级新鲜金枪鱼更便宜。继续阅读“Tuna Confit Sous-Vide”

My First Poke

We eat most fish on Fridays and Saturdays, since I prefer to eat fish on the day that I bought it. The well-known Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam is just a few blocks from the office, and I should take more advantage of that to go there and get fish during my lunch break so we can have fish on other days of the week as well as we both love fish.

When I was on the Albert Cuyp market I saw some nice tuna and thought it was time I would give ‘poke’ a try. Poke is a Hawaiian dish that I had never heard of before, despite having been to Hawaii for a week two years ago. I had noticed it on Richard McGary’s blog before, but only when I saw the沾沾自喜的小姐的照片I knew I really had to try this I was not disappointed, as we both loved it and I will definitely make poke again.

Poke是一道夏威夷菜,用生金枪鱼制成(叫夏威夷的Ahi,大眼金枪鱼或黄鳍金枪鱼)和各种其他成分。我基于我的第一次尝试Richard’s post about Pesto Poke,但我也加入了一些鳄梨,并用欧芹取代了香菜。继续阅读“我的第一次捅”

Ancho Chile Crusted Tuna, Tomato Salsa with Pickled Chipotles, and Zucchini with Pickled Jalapeños

这就是我在智利世界中戴上脚趾的方式receiving Richard’s package。三个罐子似乎比我从未听说过的那些不同种类的干燥智利辣椒令人生畏。我浏览了关于理查德的博客的很多智利食谱REMCooks.comfor inspiration. It wasn’t needed to search or filter on the blog, because there are chiles everywhere And so I made up this dish, to get to know the heat and flavor of the first three items in the package. It turned out great, I absolutely loved it. The ancho chile rub is not very hot but does impart a lot of flavor and it pairs really well with tuna. Thejalapeñosen escabechepaired well with the zucchini, and the salsa with pickled chipotles was quite hot but very nice. Not bad for a first experiment. It gave me the courage to proceed with the rest. I can highly recommend Richard’s recipes for all three of the condiments (links below). Here’s what I did…继续阅读“Ancho Chile Crusted Tuna,番茄辣酱酱与腌制的Chipotles,和Zucchini用腌制的Jalapeños”

Grilled Avocado with Tuna Sous-Vide

Yet another meal and another post inspired by fellow bloggers, two in this case. The idea to try tuna sous-vide came fromA Single Serving,谁留下了评论my sous-vide page。He mentioned tuna confit, which is not what I tried this time around (but I will). Instead, I cooked the tuna medium rare at 42C/108F. The idea to grill avocado came fromRichard of Remcooks.以及这个想法combine avocado and tuna。I made this for lunch, but it could also be a nice appetizer for two. If you don’t have sous-vide equipment, you coulduse a ziploc bag and stock pot作为一种良好的替代品(然而,这将需要注意力监测温度)或者只是为了原始的金枪鱼。

你现在可以想到我失去了它。烤牛油果?我从未想过这一点,但我相信Richard,他是对的:吃一个尚未充分成熟的鳄梨是很好的,是一种很好的方式。我担心鳄梨会“融化”,但事实并非如此。Sous Vide Tuna竟然很好,比稀有金枪鱼更多。我真的很喜欢口味和纹理的组合,智利薄片在这道菜中产生了很大的差异。这是我所做的......继续阅读“烤牛油果与金枪鱼sous-vide”



惊人的Sous Vitello Tonnato

如果你以前从未有Vitello ToNATO,你可能认为小牛肉和金枪鱼是一个不太可能的一对。但实际上,来自意大利的Piemonte地区的这种经典菜(在Piemonteese语言中称为VitelTonnà)是一个很好的组合。传统上,Vitello Tonnato是通过挖掘“Fassone”小牛肉(Fassone“小牛肉(珍贵的Piemonte品种的小牛肉)的芳香蔬菜和白葡萄酒,薄片切成薄片,并搭配金枪鱼,硬煮雷竞技raybet.com鸡蛋,雀跃,凤尾鱼,特级初榨橄榄油,柠檬汁和一点烹饪液体。吉伦罗(也称为Tondino ......继续阅读惊人的Sous Vitello Tonnato

Spaghetti with Tuna (Spaghetti al Tonno)

This is my “go to” recipe for un unplanned but tasty and healthy meal, as all the ingredients have a very long shelf life (so I usually have them available) and it doesn’t matter to leave out some of the ingredients. The only things you really need are spaghetti, a can of tuna, a can of peeled tomatoes, salt and olive oil. The taste will be more complex if you do use all the optional ingredients, but it will still taste fine without them or with just a few of them. Another advantage of this dish is that it takes …继续阅读Spaghetti with Tuna (Spaghetti al Tonno)